Saturday, 8 March 2008

Barcamp : )

BarCamp - commonly referred as unconference - is a brand new form of an event session originated in the Silicon Valley in 2005 and widespread all over the world already. Unconference is the unofficial, informal part of the conference supporting open discussions and exchange of ideas and opinions.
BarCamp is open for everyone willing to take part, though only predetermined participants give speeches and presentations.
Such events or unconferences on various topics (basically Information Technologies) are held all around the world. More than thousand people from the former Soviet countries as well as Europe and USA attended the Kiev and Riga BarCamps in 2007 and 2008 respectively.
Basic topics are:
* New media sources
* Journalism
* Web development
* Social networks
* Open Source, etc
The organizers of Ukrainian and Baltic BarCamps have contacted me with the idea to arrange one for Caucasus in Tbilisi. So please welcome BarCamp Caucasus!
Topic of BarCamp Caucasus will be Blogs and Web 2.0 - social networks, new media, and everything these concepts involve.
Participants - any willing parties.
Content of session/presentation - everything around blogs and new media. Ideas, opinions - feel free to improvise...
To get started we need young, willing people. First of all, a work team of 4-5 people to plan and arrange the process. Our friends from neighbor countries will kindly support us in all.
For further info please visit: Kiev BlogCamp - Riga BarCamp -
To exchange ideas and negotiate, go to BarCamp Caucasus Google Group -
Finally, for overall info


Dv0rsky said...

ოქრო ;)

არავინ არ გაზარმაცებულა, შეშინებულები არიან ცოტათი.
დამფრთხალები :)

Tiko said...

da ram sheashinat ? :D