Monday, 28 May 2012


Last post on 11th of March? hmm, what a shame!!!

Many things happened during these period, something changed, many things remained unchanged.

My days look nearly the same- get up, go at work, come back and sleep. Only exceptions (not every time) are Saturday evenings+nights, when I try to have some fun. You know, while heavy workload we, people, need to have SOME fun, it's somehow necessary. That's why such Friday/Saturday nights are invented :-)

Friday and Saturday nights as term are quite famous and applicable in the whole world. In 21st century, when people do not really have time to enjoy and spend every evening with their friends, Friday/Saturday nights are the ones when people gather in ther favourite places for a coffee, some prefer a cup of tea and some of them even milk (like me sometimes). People meet their friends, have fun, which they have been waiting for the whole week, chat, laugh, sometimes even cry and just spend time with their favourite people.

In my case, there are no Friday nights since February 6, 2012 as I am working for the company where Saturday is an official working day and on Friday evening, when 99% of my friends are having fun, I am sleeping. So, I have my Saturday night.

Yesterday was an exception and instead of Saturday night, I had Saturday afternoon :-) Still, it was OK. My friends and I gathered on a lovely terrace overlooking the Old Tbilisi, with perfect views and tasty food, enjoyed soft Sun and fresh air, which sometimes is also very necessary.

As time passes and I am growing up and up, I do think that 24 hours a day are not enough, we still need couple of hours just for ourselves. Since, it is totally unchangeable, it will only remain as words...

Unfortunately, time passes very very very quickly, days are followed by nights, weeks, months run too fast, really do not have time to realize things, even no time to write a post on my blog, which was my favourite for years.

in fact, I wanted to write this post about Chanel Croisiere Show 2013 in Versailles and the post turned out to be totally different - full of moaning about lack of time, workload, etc.

My dear blog,

I promise to be back to you!!!

Yours sincerely,