Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Kiev :)

Salut a tous!

It is 05.05 am in the morning, I am in Kiev in the Boryspil International Airport of Ukraine.

Kiev is very nice city.

Yesterday I've visited many places in Kiev, St. Sophia cathedral,St.Michael Cathedral...kievo pecharskaia lavra, the residence of the president of Ukraine, walked along Kreshchatik- the main and famous avenue of Kyiv. Then we had a lunch in local restaurant "Spotykach", the design of which really impressed me, the rooms were all designed as if you were in Soviet times... The pictures on the walls, mostly black and white... Even the toilt was impressive :) there were the samovars, which were used in soviet times to drink tea and it was like the tradition in evenings to drink tea and just to talk and share ideas with family members and friends. Now it is already the past, which is stored in such kinds of restaurants and cafes. And we all remember it.

We were staying at Hotel "Dnipro" and Inspite of that we were veeeery veeeeeeery tired, we still managed to have a walk on Kreshchatik in the evening and at night, very nice illuminations, it seems that Kiev is developing step by step. The buildings of Kiev really impressed me, they ar all very nice -at least those that I have seen. This is the city that calls you back, the atmosphere is very warm and nice, everyone smiles at you if you say that you are from Georgia :) the nation loves Georgia :)mostly they recognise you on face: hey you are from Georgia, aren't you? Yes, I am :) and the answer from one boy was: yes I knew it, I feel you, you are so nice, and I said thank you, of course :) such things are very memorable. This was the extract from the dialogue in the lift of the Hotel :)) the same was in Mcdo, on Kreshchatik we were in in the evening... Hey, you are probably from Georgia :) Tbilisi, Tbilisii lalalala :)))

The Ukrainian men seem to be very romantic, they are going in the streets with flowers, meetings their sweethearts with smile and even with one rose in their hand :)

I will always remember this day, the warmth and attitude.

And again, inspite of the fact that it is -10 grade temperature and at night it is -12 and even more,and I was frozen and I am frozen, and it was snowing and it is snowing now, and in addition, my nose is completely out of coverage area of such kind of cold, my legs are also frozen and going in the streets like a mummy, my card of the room at the hotel was blocked 3 times and probably the receptionist boys thought that I was a stuoid girl and they smiled a lot, and I smiled a lot too, I wanna say once again that Kiev is beautiful, and will come back for sure in future not for one dsy, of course.

So, I'm not saying goodbye to Kiev, let's say see you soon!!!

A bientôt!


Friday, 13 January 2012

Paris, I am coming again

2 days are left till the unforgettable trip to Paris :)

Gonna enjoy every moment and I am truly very happy that I am visiting this magnificent city for the third time :)