Sunday, 11 March 2012


After many years I've understood that the most important things in life are not really things and it's so hard to achieve and then maintain them.
After many years I've understood that shit always happens in life, for some people it happens quite often, for the rest not so often, just occasionally, but still happens.
After many years of observing I know that friendship is very pure and precious thing, it cannot be bought anywhere and those people who have friends are really rich.
I know that the most important things in life are health, family and warm home- things that need to be appreciated.
I know that it's very important to have faith, everything is useless without it.
I know that life goes on, we have problems and they end, but then other ones start, but we should be strong to overcome all that. But I know that this is also very difficult.
I know what is to feel happiness and I am happy that I have felt it even for a second during my 26 years of existence on earth. Sometimes it's so difficult to feel that even 1 second of it.
I know that there are theories about life, how to live, how to behave, etc, etc but the most important thing is your own personality and your inside and not those rules, which are sometimes useless. We all know theories but it's also very difficult to put them in practice.
I know that there are many difficult things in life, but people overcome that, the ones who are strong ones, so I want to be one of them.
Yeah, life is very hard to go and my wish at this present moment is to have the strength to overcome problems that are unfortunately in my present life, to be calm and to feel that everything is OK and fine, finally!