Thursday, 10 November 2011

It is quality that matters

The winter started very early, I should say.
The snow, freezing cold, red pale faces, hats and coats, gloves and scarves ... people craving for warm places... hot tea and coffee are on their minds. Yeah, time goes very quickly, even there is no time to realize things ... The summer is over, even the autumn is over and the winter is IN!

Yesterday I was at Voulez Vous perfume shop for a very special reason - the make up artist from Yves Saint Laurent was holding masterclasses and doing make-ups for those, who were interested in it and I was one of them. Thanks to Thea, who let me know about this, I went there, sat down on a chair, closed my eyes desperately waiting for the result! :)

And the result was PERFECT!!!

I hope, everyone knows about Yves Saint Laurent.

This is the case when the quality really matters, this is the brand known worldwide and it does not need any advertisement focusing on the quality of the product. Everything is clear and vivid! There are brands, good brands and very good brands (I mean cosmetics in this case) and Yves Saint Laurent is for sure among the top ones.

In my opinion, the make-up is not only putting things on a face, it is art! That's why the one who does a make-up is a make-up artist and not just a painter who comes and paints your face. It needs special skills, a taste and abilities.

Evgeniy Kudinov, from Yves Saint Laurent is among those people, who know their job very, very well and who have taste and ability to do a make-up according to the character of a person. That's the most important!

I am finishing this post with the quote of Yves Saint Laurent:

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”


Unhide your passion, buy cosmetics and be beautiful! It is such a good sensation to be beautiful! :)

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