Thursday, 15 November 2007

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პირველ კურსზე რომ ვიყავი ლექტორმა დავალებად მოგვცა დაგვეწერა თემა " Which is the best time in life ? "When u are a child?At school?A teenager?An adult?At work? retired?

ხოდა ავდექი და ასეთი რამე გადმოვაფრქვიე :

In my opinion,the best period mostly of everyone's life-it's to be a teenager. It's a period when you are neither a child nor an adult,it's smth medial,I think. But let's analyse each period of life.
As for childhood,it was absolutely wonderful for me. When you are a child,you do not have to realise the difficulties of life. You go to school,study your lessons and when you have some free time go and play in the yard with friends. That was my childhood.
Time by time you are growing,lots of things begin to happen in your life - first school day,first lesson,your classroom,your classmates,first teacher,first real best friends,first love,first truth and first lie ... Everything is connected with school.Then,you realise that you are not a child any longer,you are already a teenager and when you look in the past,you understand that your childhood - such a beautiful period is over. After that you finish school,you are already grown up. You are independent !
When you enter the University,u start a new life,which is very different from schoollife. You have to do things yourself.Then you graduate from the University,have your family,reliable husband and lovely children. You are already an adult. You go and work and do your favorite things. Time by time your life goes,changes,you haven't even felt it. When you become retired,look in the past and look at your whole life, you will find out that the best time of the life was school and childhood, you have already lost them and now you have nothing but white hair and wrinckled face,you become very lazy and unhappy. This is the end of your life.
You was born,grew up,studied,made a family and died. But when you become retired,you ask one simple question to yourself : Why was I born? Then comes several questions,that you left unanswered : Where do we come from? Where are we going? ...
Then comes your death,but still,you have a great hope that your next time in paradise will be more beautiful ! : )

ეს იმიტომ დავპოსტე აქ, რომ მერე რომ გავა ხანი და წლები გადავიკითხო (რა თქმა უნდა ეს საიტი კიდევ თუ იარსებებს იმ დროს) , მერე ვიცი გამეცინება, უკვე მეცინება და იმიტომ ...

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