Monday, 11 April 2011

Baby Mate

This post is dedicated to Mate.

Those, who don't know him, I should say that you have lost many things. Mate Chkhikvadze is the first son of Nino and Vano, and he is already 9 months old :)
I am her godmother and I am proud of it.
Yesterday, when my friends and I visited baby Mate, I was told that he listens to Tom Waits and to Beatles, loves Eva Cassidy and good music. One more plus :)
And when Mate suddenly started playing with my key chain - Eiffel Tower- I was amazed and happy. He already has A TASTE!!!

Mate was born in July, when the Sun was shining brightly and the weather was fine.

I will never forget when I first saw him in Chachava Clinic.

and finally, ladies and Gentlemen,
Please have a look at Mate Chkhikvadze!!!

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