Thursday, 17 February 2011

French Riviera memories

I will call this post "French Riviera memories" because my friend and me were sitting and remembering those perfect days we have spent there in July/August.
Memories are the best things, sometimes I remember them in my mind, sometimes I write them here, or somewhere - only those which are precious and valuable for me. Always thought that memories will last forever and especially if they are sweet ones.

Riviera memories are ones that should be remembered for sure.

Those things we have done there and moments we experienced were really memorable and funny. I miss pizza that we were eating every day in Maison Cresci, in Nice. It was a chain of Italian restaurant and cafes, always full of people, and they also have branches in Cannes, as far as I remember. IF you are in Nice and looking for food this place is really worth going, the food is awesome, very tasty and portions are huge. One person can hardly eat them.

When talking about Nice and the memories, I should mention Le Meridien Hotel and especially their La Terrasse, Rooftop Restaurant (For more info please visit their web site ), one of the best hotels in Nice with magnificent views, especially from the rooftop, where you can just sit, sip a coffee from the cup, enjoy french and Mediterranean cuisine and overlook at the Bay of Angels.

I just loved that place, so chic and fabulous.

And again memories - I have a lot of them, really.

So, take care of your memories - You will remember them later, when you get older and older :))))


Kate said...

When you remember France, I begin remembering Italy :)))
It is so good, that we have so good memories.

Tiko said...

Memories <3
may we have more such kind of memories :)